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The Milwaukee Hand Center

1535 W. Market Street, Mequon      (262)241-9224      2801 W. KK River Parkway, Milwaukee
Dr. Greg Watchmaker is board certified and fellowship trained in surgery of the hand and upper extremity. His practice is exclusively focused on diseases and injuries of the hand, wrist, and elbow. After completing his surgery training at Washington University and his upper extremity fellowship, he has been in practice in Milwaukee since 1996.
Lou Ann Campbell-Peterson, OTR, CHT has been a certified hand therapist focused on hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder therapy since 1992. She has worked with the ASHT (American Society of Hand Therapists) implenting regional presentations and workshops.
Randy Dahl, OTR,CHT is a occupational therapist who is also certified in hand therapy by the ASHT (American Society of Hand Therapists) and certified since 2004. His practice is focused on rehabilitation of the upper extremity including the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. He is excellent in splinting techniques and has been asked to lecture and demonstrate these techniques.
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Contact: Dr. Greg Watchmaker - The Milwaukee Hand Center
Hours: 9-5 weekdays
Phone: (262)241-9224
Fax: (262)241-9228
Email: reception@themilwaukeehandcenter.com
Address: North - 1535 W. Market Street, Mequon, WI
Address: South - 2801 W. KK River Parkway, Milwaukee, WI 53215