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The Milwaukee Hand Center

1535 W. Market Street, Mequon      (262)241-9224      2801 W. KK River Parkway, Milwaukee
Dr. Watchmaker has been in practice over 15 years and treats hand, wrist, and arm problems in patients of all ages. He is on staff at The Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, Aurora, Ascension (Columbia-StMarys), Wheaton, and Childrens Hospitals
Each of our providers are dedicated just to the treatment of arms, wrists, and hands. We are active in outcomes research so that we know how to provide high quaily care.
Listed tops in the field of hand surgery as voted by Milwaukee area physicians. Also nationally recognized by our patients for compassionate care.
Hearing from someone who we have cared for in the past is one of the most common reason our patient's give for asking us to treat them. Most insurances in Wisconsin do not require referals or a visit to a family doctor to be seen by a specialist.
Although most patients only need hand care for a short time, we see hundreds of our former patients back each year for new problems. With over 15 years in practice, we have a large family.
Therapy is important in the recovery of some hand conditions and injuries. Depending on your age and specific problem, it might involve visits as you heal or be as simple as creationg of a 'home program'.
A positive attitude and friendly care are an important focus for every patient we treat. The candy dish is a hit too.
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Contact: Dr. Greg Watchmaker - The Milwaukee Hand Center
Hours: 9-5 weekdays
Phone: (262)241-9224
Fax: (262)241-9228
Email: reception@themilwaukeehandcenter.com
Address: North - 1535 W. Market Street, Mequon, WI
Address: South - 2801 W. KK River Parkway, Milwaukee, WI 53215